Heidi Klum struggled with water problems during New York relocation

Supermodel Heidi Klum’s relocation to New York this summer (14) turned into a nightmare after she discovered her rental home had no running water. The Project Runway host, who lives in Los Angeles, takes up a temporary home in the Big Apple while filming the U.S. reality show, but the mother-of-four’s move this year proved disastrous.
She says, “We rent this house because I have four children and my mum came and I needed space, and we had no running water for one week. So so many people pooing and peeing into the toilet, no showers… it was awful.
“Thankfully there’s a pool down on the first floor. I mean we didn’t bathe in it, but at least you could take a bucket of water, put it down the toilet… and it flushes. It was horrible, it was a little stinky in that house, but thankfully the water’s back now.”