Helen Mirren insists on the right shoes to play RED killer

Oscar winner Dame Helen Mirren insisted on wearing the right shoes to play a cold-blooded killer in the Red sequel. The Brit revives her expert assassin character Victoria in RED 2 and admits it was her idea to make sure the killer made a fuss about her footwear.
Mirren says, “I love that she loves to kill in formal wear; as long as she’s got the right shoes on. The shoes are very, very important.
“There’s a scene in the first RED that was completely my idea, where I take a pair of combat boots out of a bag and I say, ‘You can’t do this kind of job in high-heeled shoes if you’re going to be serious about it’.”
The Queen star admits she loves playing such a bad girl in the action films: “I love being a bad**s; it’s just the best! Fans think it’s the Queen doing that and they love the idea of that. To lurch from being the Queen to a bad**s is very cool.
“I’d love to do a superhero movie, where I’m the proper baddie.”