Henry Cavill Bemoans ‘Slew of Hate’ that Comes with a Public Relationship


Henry Cavill has bemoaned the “slew of hate” he receives every time he gets in a new relationship.

The 34-year-old actor is currently dating stuntwoman Lucy Cork, and is happier than ever in the romance. However, living out a relationship in the public eye has its downsides, with Henry telling The Rake about the effect fame has on his personal life.

“There is obviously a flip-side to (fame), too: as soon as I get into a relationship, a slew of hate, directed at me as well as the girl, saying that ‘I’ve changed’. I haven’t changed a bit. But you have to take all of that in your stride, there are positive and negative parts to all of it, but ultimately it is enormously flattering to have people care that much.”

And if any of his nearest and dearest find themselves hurt by the comments made by cruel trolls, Henry will always step in.

“As long as it doesn’t hurt anyone in my life, it is a good thing. As soon as it starts to affect people in my life, that’s when I draw back,” he explained. “I don’t want bad things to happen to people in my life because of a sense of ownership that people (think they) have over my life and me. It is not worth it to me.

“I love my job, I love making money, I love to travel and play with all the great toys in the world, and see what I want to see, but none of that will be worth it if the people I love and who I want to walk that journey with are getting hurt and suffering because of that gain.”

Henry’s accompanying photoshoot for the magazine saw him pose with his dog Kal for some snaps. And in the interview, the Man of Steel star added that getting his canine companion is one of several moments he’s had that have changed his life.

“There are a few events in my life that I felt like, when I was experiencing them, my life was going to change for ever,” he explained. “The first was The Count of Monte Cristo, second was getting Superman, the third was getting Kal.”