Holiday Gift Guide: Your Significant Other’s a Victoria Grayson from ‘Revenge’

Your Significant Other's a Victoria Grayson from 'Revenge'
She’s frozen in time thanks to copious amounts of botox, and maybe it has affected her heart: She’s cold and will stop at nothing to get what – or who – she wants. Click through to find out what to get her! {Photo Credit: ABC}
She’s the ultimate socialite and wouldn’t be caught dead in anything less than the best. She loves anything that sparkles and cost more than a middle class family makes in a lifetime. Head to {Photo Credit: Harry Winston}
Your significant other will never trust others — especially those who were thisclose to marrying into the family. This telescope will help her keep an eye on things… aka spy on the neighbors. Go to for this model for $52.99. {Photo Credit: Barska}
'The Count of Monte Cristo'
This historical road map will help her see how all this revenge scheming will end. Head to Barnes and Noble for $18.00. {Photo Credit: Penguin Classics}