Hollywood.com’s 2012 Pop Culture Dioramas!

Hollywood.com's Pop Culture Dioramas
Why focus on the Prehistoric and Mesozoic Eras when you can focus on the DVR era? Hollywood.com's staff went back to school with little more than paper, scissors, glue (no rock), and an entertainment obsession to create dioramas inspired by pop culture events of the past year. Click forward to see the results worthy of As, Fs, and WTFs.
'Avengers' Final Scene, by Matt Patches
'The Avengers' set the bar high for the summer — many movies tried, but none outdid the awesome spectacle of the superhero movie's grand finale. A moment more than worthy of modeling clay preservation.
Monsters of 'Monsters Inc.' Tear Apart 'Brave,' by Marc Snetiker
Just like the critics.
Mark Wahlberg's in Bed with 'Ted,' by Anna Brand
The scene that is likely the film's most demented. Ted and Mark Wahlberg nestled under the covers. Happily on drugs with beers handy. Thunder buddies for life.
Rob Pattinson's Nightmare, by Abbey Stone
America was shocked and devastated to learn that Kristen Stewart cheated on the most beloved of vampires, Robert Pattinson, with director Rupert Sanders; but no one was more shocked and devastated than Rob himself. In my diorama depiction of this real-life tragedy, I've captured the moment Rob learns that his lady love is little more than a trampire.
A Night at the Xquisite 'Magic Mike,' by Brian Moylan
Sure, these little guys are supposed to be action figures, but they looked so much like Channing Tatum and his crew from 'Magic Mike' that I just couldn't resist. If only they had some figurines of horny women losing their minds, then it really would have been complete.
Christian Grey's Red Room of Pain, by Aly Semigran
In case you were wondering, those are magnets. As... you know. Now go eat your breakfast.
Hannah's Existential Crisis on 'Girls,' by Michael Arbeiter
'Girls' wrapped up its profound first season in the greatest way possible: stranding star Hannah Hovart on the beaches of Coney Island after a night of dismal self-destruction. The scene of Lena Dunham staring stoically out into the water, chowing on whatever street meat she managed to acquire in her journeys, is as iconic a picture of her generation’s self-imposed existential crisis as it is a funny, sad and ultimately fulfilling way to round out a great first season of TV.
Getting Meta With 'Community,' by Kelsea Stahler
I've always wanted to give Troy and Abed's blanket fort (the original, non-warring one) a shot, but it's clear that I should leave that to the professionals.
Never's Pooped Out on 'Louie,' by Kate Ward
I was so proud of myself: I would make a diorama picturing the moment Louis C.K. walked in on young Never's, ahem, brown moment on 'Louie.' A diarrhea diorama! Unfortunately, what started as an inspired idea — complete with crushed-up Snickers bars — turned into a scene more fitting for the 'Halloween' franchise. I'm STILL having nightmares about this piece.
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