Hollywood Gets Its Own Hall of Fame

As if Hollywood doesn’t pat itself enough on the back, it’s been decided that a Hall of Fame will be erected to honor those talented folks in the entertainment business.

According to Reuters, it was announced Tuesday that an organization has been formed to build a $25 million Motion Picture Hall of Fame at the corner of Hollywood Blvd. and Vine Street in Los Angeles. It is scheduled to open in 2004.

The new hall will be housed in a converted office building and will not be a museum, civic leader Johnny Grant, the self-styled “Honorary Mayor of Hollywood” insisted to Reuters.

“It will be a multimillion-dollar, multimedia experience,” he said.

The hall will be equipped for a number of interactive exhibits, such as a “giant camera walk-through” with magnified moving parts, and the “Pillars of Fame,” monumental displays of inductees. There will also be sections dedicated to horror, comedy and science fiction, with interactive exhibits showing how to make genre movies, Reuters reports.

Six individuals will be inducted into the Hall of Fame every year: an actor, an actress, a director, a screenwriter, a producer and a composer. Zachary Taylor, the senior vice president of the organization, told Reuters critics and entertainment journalists will nominate potential inductees and the public will be able to vote online to pick the finalists.

But that’s not all–inductees get an award too! Called the Max, it’s a golden figure which will be handed out to the chosen few in a nationally televised awards ceremony. Taylor told Reuters the Max differs from an Oscar in that is has separate legs and elbows. Thank goodness for that.

Sure, celebrities have been immortalized with handprints in cement, stars on sidewalks and wax figures, “but nowhere does the public have a true opportunity to interact on an individualized level with movie making and history. That’s a void we plan on filling,” Taylor said.