Hollywood’s most bankable stars

In Hollywood today, who’s got “Maximum Star Power?”

Julia Roberts, Tom Hanks and Tom Cruise, that’s who. The three all tied for the title of Hollywood’s most bankable star in the StarPower 2002 survey conducted by The Hollywood Reporter.

The poll ranked 1,000 actors on their bankability with a top score being 100. Hanks, Cruise and Roberts all reached the ultimate “maximum” mark.

Other top-rated male stars included Mel Gibson with a 98.68, Jim Carrey at 98.46, George Clooney at 95.18 and Russell Crowe with 94.74

After Roberts, the next female in the lineup was Sandra Bullock with an 87.28, then Cameron Diaz at 84.87 and Nicole Kidman at 84.65, all claiming “Strong Star Power.”

Two African-Americans, Will Smith and Denzel Washington, also ranked within the “maximum” range with 89.91 and 89.04, respectively.

Apparently, being nominated or winning an Academy Award factors into a celebrity’s star power. Both Roberts and Crowe were further down on the list when the last survey was conducted in 1999 but since winning their Oscars have skyrocketed on the bankable charts. Roberts is now the highest-paid female star, commanding a $20 million paycheck.

Of the top 20 finishers in this year’s poll, 12 have been nominated for an Academy Award in acting categories. Eight have won.

“Certainly at the upper levels, you are seeing some strides being made,” John Burman, editor of The Hollywood Reporter‘s International Edition, told Reuters. “We are pointing in the right direction, but there’s still a way to go.”

Burman said the survey polled 114 executives at major studios and independent companies, financiers and various industry players from around the world.