Holy Resurrection, Batman!

Hey Batman, you’re wanted back in the Batcave, pronto. And leave that funny-looking Robin kid behind. Say what, caped crusader?

Daily Variety is reporting today that Darren Aronofsky, director of the visually weird-ass movie “Pi” and the forthcoming flick “Requiem for a Dream,” has been hired by Warner Bros. to resurrect the Dark Knight and direct the fifth installment in the franchise.

Aronofsky will also cowrite the screenplay for “Batman: Year One” with Frank Miller, upon whose popular graphic novel (titled “Batman: YO”) the movie will be based. The story follows a younger Bruce Wayne in his first year as Batman, complete with the trials and tribulations of a new superhero.

Now the question remains: Who will play Batman? A few weeks ago, rumors circulated that Aronofsky was courting Brad Pitt for the part, but Pitt‘s camp later denied it and said he isn’t interested.

The announcement is the latest and biggest in a flurry of superhero projects that have emerged in the wake of the success of “X-Men,” including a live-action version of “Batman Beyond,” also by (of course) Warners.

Feature film versions of “Iron Man” and “Ghost Rider” also have been greenlighted recently, as well as a TV show about a young Superman.