Homeless man tried to disrupt filming on GLOW set

The cast and crew of acclaimed wrestling drama Glow had to put up with the antics of a Hollywood-obsessed homeless man while shooting the new season of the show in Ontario, Canada.
On the eve of filming, producers alerted stars like Alison Brie to the fact they would be sharing a hotel with an eccentric squatter who called himself Hollywood and as a result security had been increased on set to keep him away from cast and crew members.
Brie told chat show host Jimmy Kimmel the cast were advised not to engage with the man if they met him as he had a reputation for disrupting film sets.
“I never saw him,” she said, “but I heard his voice – he shouted obscenities one night while we were trying to shoot a scene, which was kinda exciting. I was like, ‘Is that Hollywood?’
“And one day when our crew was setting up… he came out on the level above them, ripped up a bunch of little pieces of paper and threw them like confetti… like a 12 year old.”