Hopper’s last screen appearance in arthouse movie

Nicolas Provost’s 20-minute arthouse project, which was recently screened at the Venice Film Festival, features star turns from Hollywood actors Jon Voight and Jack Nicholson, as well as Hopper in his final film scenes before his tragic death.

The experimental movie, shot with a surveillance-style technique, shows footage of the general public in Las Vegas spliced with repeated cameos from the actors.

Provost refuses to reveal how he managed to record the stars’ scenes but admits Hopper, who is first seen sitting in a McDonald’s restaurant, loved the concept.

He explains, “It’s very important that I don’t reveal how I filmed them, but I will just say it is not all found footage (gained covertly). I directed some of them, some was accidental.

“I filmed it last summer and with Dennis Hopper, it was a wonderful encounter. It was striking how warm he was as a person. I wasn’t aware that I might have been filming him for the last time.”

Hopper lost his battle with prostate cancer in May (10).