Hot Project: Austin Powers in “Goldmember”

Smashing Baby!

It looks like the third Austin Powers offshoot will begin filming this fall in Los Angeles. The film, titled Goldmember, is expected to hit theatres July 26, 2002.

We witnessed the world-class playboy and part-time secret agent from the 1960s emerge after thirty years in a cryogenic state to battle with his nemesis Dr. Evil in International Man of Mystery.

In The Spy Who Shagged Me, he was sent back to 1969 in a newly developed time machine-a psychedelic Volkswagen Beetle-to thwart Dr. Evil’s plot to destroy the world.

Goldmember follows the lead of recent blockbuster franchises and is gearing up as a prequel to the two successful Austin Powers feature films. The film will flash back to the 1950s when Austin and Dr. Evil are classmates. The two apparently become enemies after a falling out of some sort. Maybe audiences will finally get to find out why Dr. Evil’s been a frickin’ evil doctor for 30 frickin’ years.

Austin may also find his long lost parents.

Director Jay Roach, who was responsible for the first two Austin Powers films, is helming the project.

He puts the grrr in swinger, baby

Funnyman Mike Myers wrote the script and will also play multiple characters in the film. He will reprise his role as Austin Powers, his nemesis Dr. Evil and the over indulgent and dead sexy Fat Bastard.

The latest smoking gun in Myers‘ arsenal of characters is a villain called Goldmember. Will Austin discover that Goldmember is a millionaire industrialist who cheats at cards and golf? It looks as though fans will have to wait until next summer to find out what this villain is all about, since producers are keeping mum on the subject.

But Myers isn’t kidding around about his salary. The comic actor will reportedly receive a $25 million advance against 21percent of gross profits.

Please, allow myself to introduce….

There is a long list of cast members for Goldmember. Many actors from previous Austin Powers flicks will return, including Robert Wagner as Number Two, Rob Lowe as young Number Two, Seth Green as Scott Evil and Verne Troyer as Mini-Me. While Will Ferrell, Mindy Sterling, and Michael York may also return, there are surprises in store.

Michael Caine will apparently be joining the cast as Captain Hendricks, a security officer for the Royal Navy. Honor Blackman has been mentioned to play Austin’s mother, and rumors are circulating that Tom Cruise and Pierce Brosnan may make cameo appearances. As Austin’s father possibly?

The producers of Goldmember also held an open casting call in October in Hollywood. A press release stated they were looking for 16- to 22-year-olds with a physical resemblance to Austin Powers, Dr. Evil, Number Two (the character played by Robert Wagner and Rob Lowe), and Basil (the character played by Michael York). It also mentioned they should be able to perform an impression of the characters to play their younger counterparts.

She’s the village bicycle. Everybody’s had a ride

No Austin Powers movie would be complete without a love interest. We all know what became of the explosive Vanessa Kensington, played by Elizabeth Hurley. Is anything of that magnitude in store for Felicity Shagwell? Luckily for Austin, he never forgets a pussy…cat.

While Heather Graham will make a cameo appearance in Goldmember reprising her role as Felicity, her fate remains a secret. Rumor has it Graham did not want to sign on to the project if her character was to perish.

But after all, Austin just got his mojo back and it would be a shame to waste his restored libido on one woman. The new Austin Powers babe will be the Destiny’s Child temptress Beyoncé Knowles.

Irish R&B singer Samantha Mumba has also recently signed on to the project, but her role has not been announced.

Oohhh behave!