Hotel receptionist ruined Matt Smith’s romantic surprise for Lily James

A romantic surprise Matt Smith had planned for Lily James was ruined when the receptionist at her hotel refused to let him up to her room.
The 30-year-old actress has been dating former Doctor Who star Matt since 2014, after they met on the set of Pride And Prejudice and Zombies. Things are going well for the couple, but their busy careers mean they often spend time apart – which led to Matt attempting to plan a surprise visit to see his other half when she was in New York.
Recalling the gesture, Lily told Harper’s Bazaar in a video interview: “I had an amazing moment where my boyfriend flew to New York as a surprise when I was doing press there. He tried to get up to the room I was in, but it all fell apart as the person in reception wouldn’t let him up.
“So instead of knocking on my door and arriving, he had to call from reception which slightly ruined it. That was a rushing to get there I suppose… that feeling that time’s against you and love has to seize the moment.”