House star Lisa Edelstein returns to the TV hospital for The Good Doctor

Actress Lisa Edelstein has lined up a double reunion after signing on to play a semi-series regular in the new season of hit TV medical drama The Good Doctor.
The star will reteam with House creator David Shore on the show after making sure her new character, Dr. Blaize, will be nothing like her former TV medic, Lisa Cuddy – and the new role will also reunite her with TV veteran Richard Schiff, who played her father in late 1990s show Relativity.
Talking about her new role, Edelstein tells Deadline, “I called David (Shore) and we met for coffee and talked it through. We had a blast working together on House and mostly just wanted to make sure there’s nothing Cuddy about what I do in The Good Doctor.
“We threw some ideas around about character and back story and her relationship with Richard’s character (Dr. Aaron Glasman).”
She adds, “It is a bit of old homie week to go there. Richard and I have worked together over and over again. He actually played my father in Relativity, which was a way-too-short-lived Ed Zwick and Marshall Herskovitz show. In it, I got to do the first ever lesbian make-out scene on network TV and I will continue to brag about this… and Richard’s wife actually taught me how to strip for House, because my character, the head of the hospital, takes some time out to pole dance in a school girl uniform.
“I definitely don’t see Dr. Blaize stripping, although it is another David Shore show so… let me just say I definitely don’t see her stripping anytime soon.”