Houston’s Got Another Problem

Whitney Houston played an imaginary piano, bragged about how a “Jew guy” made her bracelet, requested a serving of Skippy peanut butter (smooth — not chunky) and compared hanging with a junkie to hanging with a president during an interview for an upcoming magazine profile. Whitney Houston, left, with husband Bobby Brown The disclosures from Jane magazine come a day after the singer’s camp tried to shoot down reports that she’d been canned from Sunday’s Oscars telecast because she kept flubbing her routine in rehearsals. (According to Houston, she chose to sit out the show due to a sore throat.)

In the Jane interview, to be featured in the mag’s May issue, Houston thoroughly discombobulates interviewer Tony Romando with, well, this kinda stuff:

Houston comparing a junkie and a head of state. “The president gets off on the country,” Houston told the mag. “The junkie gets off on a couple of hits. They’re the same, both cut from the same cloth, they’re just men, you dig?”

Houston showing up four hours late for the scheduled chat and then appearing, in the words of Romando, “extremely unfocused.” She “had trouble keeping her eyes open and kept singing and playing an imaginary piano on the table. I guess laughing gas can do that to you.” (Houston had told him she’d just come from the dentist.)

Houston talking about her management approach. “[My employees] gotta know what happened to me the day before and the day before that. My stress builds up. … Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday. Boom! Thursday, Friday — it hits me. I fired someone not too long ago.” (No, Romando didn’t know what she was talking about, either.)

Houston talking up her gold and diamond bracelet as manufactured by that “Jew guy on Diamond Row in New York.”

Houston confessing that, yes, she does wear a wig because her “hair is very fine and very thin. … I don’t want to be bald when I’m 60.”

Houston denying that she and Mariah Carey are rivals. Says Houston: “She calls me Lamb, I call her Chop. … It’s an endearing thing.”

One coda on the Houston interview: According to Jane, the diva’s camp requested the following refreshments be at the star’s disposal: water (Deer Park), tea (cinnamon and Earl Grey), honey, fruit juices, soda pop (Classic Coke, Canada Dry Ginger Ale), Snapple, Ocean Spray Cranapple juice, blue corn chips, salsa, fruit (not sliced, and served at room temperature), cheese, crackers, jelly, Skippy peanut butter (smooth, not chunky), bread (whole wheat and white), Popeye’s chicken, “dirty rice” (also from Popeye’s), beans and rice (also from Popeye’s), corn rolls (from, yes, Popeye’s), peanut butter cups, Butterfingers, Raisinettes and Gummy Bears. And, oh, yeah, she wanted enough to “accommodate 4-5 people.”

Respondeth Jane: “We love that she eats, but Whit, we’re not a freakin’ supermarket.”