Howard’s home is former slave retreat

His Philadelphia carriage house was one of the many stop-off retreats for black families who were running away from their masters in the U.S. southern states.

The Hustle & Flow star says, “It was like the final place for them to escape the bounty hunters… There’s a 300-foot tunnel that leads from right underneath my floor all the way into the woods.

“I made the mistake of having a drink one night and then I’m like, ‘I wanna go through the tunnel…’ You’re crawling (through) and halfway through it’s a good idea. They got spiders and creepy-crawlies in there, but I’m thinking about these slaves that were hiding in there trying to save their lives.

“I was worried about my kids; I was like, ‘Come on you guys, come on in there,’ and they were like, ‘Why do we need to go in there? We’re light-skinned.'”