Hugh Grant embarrassed about first TV shoot

Hugh Grant would rather forget his first TV acting gig, because he kept the cast and crew waiting an hour after heading back to his hotel before the director was done with his scene.
The Brit was shooting The Last Place on Earth in Canada in the mid-1980s and thought he was done for the day after shooting his scene.
“I was a complete new boy,” he tells Deadline. “Suddenly I was flown out to the Northern Territories of Canada, onto the sea ice with all these rather good actors. I’d driven my Ski-Doo way out onto the ice, and in the scene, I had to peer into the distance with a snow machine blowing snow in my face, and then walk back to the tent where everyone was dying.
“I did this, I walked back to the tent, they called cut, and I told them, ‘Well, I’ve done my bit’. So, I called for the man with the Ski-Doo and went all the way back to the hotel.
“I didn’t even know that you were supposed to do more than one take, let alone more than one angle. I had to be hauled back from the hotel, and I’d kept everyone waiting for an hour. They were freezing their b**locks off. I was just too frightened to ask what I was meant to do next.”