Hugh Grant’s acting skills were put to the test on 2012 movie Cloud Atlas

Hugh Grant still has nightmares about his time on the set of Lana and Lilly Wachowski’s ambitious Cloud Atlas, because they asked him to do things he had never done before.
The Four Weddings & a Funeral star admits he struggles with most of his roles, but he had a real test playing six characters in the 2012 film.
“I remember being alarmingly lost…,” he tells Deadline. “I thought it would be amusing and different, and I think it is kind of a masterpiece; so beautiful and brave as f**k.”
And he particularly struggled with his portrayal as “a futuristic cannibal”.
“Suddenly, there I am on a mountaintop in Germany, dressed in a kilt, all made up with tattoos on my face, and I’ve got one of the Wachowskis saying to me, ‘Come on, man, just look at him like you want to f**king eat him’. I thought, ‘I don’t know what that looks like!’
“Give me a witty line and I’m all right, but on that, I remember being very, very lost. And I think I might have been a bit s**t as that cannibal.”