Hugh Jackman was bitten by a fan while performing on Broadway

Hugh Jackman was stunned when a fan bit him on his bum while he was performing one-man show The Boy From Oz on Broadway. The X-Men star was onstage bantering with the audience, when a fan yelled out an unusual request.
He says, “I remember once doing The Boy from Oz and I was doing Peter Allen – a very sort of out there entertainer, very flamboyant – and I used to break the show up a little bit and someone… from the back… says, ‘Peter, I want to bite your…(bum)’.”
Jackman thought the fan was joking and decided to invite her down to “call her bluff”, but he continues, “It made me laugh and I said, ‘Really?’ she goes, ‘Yeah, I’m going to bite your…(bum)’. I said, ‘Get on down here…’ and she walked down and I walked to the edge of the stage and… she chomped in. I was black and blue, literally.”