Hunter S. Thompson ‘Planned Suicide’

Hunter S. Thompson had planned his suicide for some time, according to his
lawyer and close friend.

George Tobia Jr. insists he wasn’t surprised to hear of the maverick
journalist’s death on Feb. 20, although Thompson never mentioned his
plans during their regular telephone conversations.

Tobia spoke to the Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas author at least five times
a week, and for the last time on Saturday, just a day before his shot himself
in the mouth with his .45 caliber handgun at his secure ranch in Woody Creek,

He says, “This was definitely not spur of the moment. He arranged to have
things dealt with, and he wanted his family close by, but he didn’t want anyone
to know–he didn’t want anyone to try to stop him. In a weird way, he wanted
it to be, I think, a celebration.”

Tobia says 67-year-old Thompson had discussed taking his own life with him
the past, and suggests severe pain caused by recent back surgery and an
artificial hip may have prompted his suicide.

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