Hurley Bedeviled By Protesters

Elizabeth Hurley‘s bedeviled character may have charmed Brendan Fraser in “Bedazzled,” but the supermodel turned actress’s smiles couldn’t win over the striking SAG actors who protested at the film’s premiere Tuesday night in the Westwood section of Los Angeles. Carrying posters saying “Go Home Scab” and “Elizabeth, You Make Me Hurl,” the members marched in a line in front of the Mann Village Theatre’s red carpet before celebrities arrived and continued to press forward with jeers and whistle-blowing when limousines pulled up.

When Hurley finally appeared, the noise grew deafening, and publicists held up umbrellas and movie posters to shield the mob from the actress.

Hurley, for her part, refused to let the mayhem rain on her parade. She answered reporters’ questions with candor and even cracked a joke or two about her newly single status.

Hurley issued a formal apology to the Screen Actors Guild on Tuesday for filming an Estee Lauder perfume ad in July during the strike. SAG confirmed today that the actress donated $25,000 to the actors fund as part of her act of contrition.

Hurley, who ended her longtime relationship with Hugh Grant this year, maintains that she did not know the commercial was struck work.

In other SAG news, Eddie Murphy today joins Harrison Ford, Helen Hunt, Bruce Willis and Kevin Spacey on the list of high-profile celebrities who have donated $100,000 to the union. SAG has been striking against advertisers since May 1 in a bid to secure residual payments for actors in commercials.

SAG members’ donations have amounted to almost $900,000, with Nicolas Cage‘s $200,000 gift the largest contribution.