Hurley Elizabeth Slams One-Meal-A-Day Rumors

Model and actress Elizabeth Hurley has slammed reports she eats just one meal a day.

The 39-year-old beauty admits her delicate frame would suffer without regular

She fumes, “It’s absolute rubbish because I have a gall stone and low blood
sugar so if I had one meal a day I’d been in hospital.

“I can’t go for more than four hours without eating something or I feel
physically sick.”

Instead the Austin Powers star insists staying active and not having a
television helps her keep in enviable shape.

She adds, “I don’t have a television set and I do a lot of walking, a lot of
gardening, I take the dogs out, I run around fields with my son the whole time
and carry him for miles.

“My house has five flights of stairs which I spend my life running up and
down and I don’t sit still very much.”

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