Hurley: Hugh’s Hot in the Sack!

He’s hot. Really, he is. Supermodel-actress Elizabeth Hurley has denied reports that she found sex with ex-lover Hugh Grant “less than adequate,” saying that he was a “fantastic” lover.

According to Reuters, Jane magazine had quoted Hurley as saying that the “Four Weddings and a Funeral” and “Notting Hill” heartthrob used to turn her off when he switched on the telly while in bed.

But in an interview in today’s Sun in Britain, Hurley denied saying anything negative about their sex life.

“Hugh Grant if fantastic in bed — he always has been,” Hurley, who still shares a house with Grant in London’s Chelsea district, told the paper. “We don’t even have a television in our bedroom.”

And there it is.

Grant, 39, and Hurley, 35, announced in May that they had put their 13-year romance on pause.