Ian McCulloch’s ex-girlfriend opens up about split

Rocker Ian Mcculloch’s relationship with the mother of his three-year-old daughter broke down when she was hit with a crippling bout of post-natal depression. Zoe Devlin was just 24 when she fell pregnant after dating the Echo & The Bunnymen frontman, 50, for just six months.
She gave birth to a little girl, named Dusty May, and she has now admitted she fell into a downward spiral of post-natal depression which prompted the end of the couple’s romance.
Devlin, now 28, tells Britain’s The Sun newspaper, “We hadn’t know each other very long when I fell pregnant in May, 2009. It wasn’t planned at all. I didn’t know what to do. I wanted to be a mother and not be such a self-indulgent person. But I didn’t really know Ian and I didn’t know what would happen in our relationship…
“After Dusty was born, post-natal depression crept up on me. At times I felt like I was going mad, but I didn’t realise for ages that I was depressed. I spent a good three years feeling constantly up and down before I realised I needed to go home. So I split from Ian and moved back to London to start a better life.”
McCulloch’s previous marriage to Lorraine Fox, the mother of his two older daughters, came to an end in 2003.