Iceland volcano led to Vaughn’s X-Men debut

Vaughn was signed up to take charge of the third movie in the franchise, 2006’s X-Men: The Last Stand, but he quit because of scheduling difficulties, making way for Brett Ratner to take his place in the director’s chair.

Producer Bryan Singer insists he never considered Vaughn as a possible candidate to helm upcoming installment, X-Men: First Class, but a chance meeting with the director in L.A. changed his mind.

The meeting came when Vaughn was stranded in America with the cast of his Kick-Ass movie following the Icelandic volcanic eruption, which grounded thousands of flights.

Singer tells Total Film magazine, “Matthew Vaughn was on none of our lists at all for directors, because he’d been involved with X-Men: The Last Stand and then separated from the thing… I went to Soho House in L.A. (for a screening of Kick-Ass) – and the volcano had happened, so all Brits couldn’t go home! Matthew and half the cast of Kick-Ass are there, and (actor) Aaron (Johnson) introduces me to Matthew and he goes, ‘What’s this I hear about you doing an X-Men movie?’ So thanks to the volcano, I got Matthew Vaughn to direct First Class!”