Idris Elba Still Keen to Revisit ‘The Dark Tower’ Despite ‘Horrible’ Reviews


Idris Elba wants to return to the world of Stephen King’s The Dark Tower even though his summer adaptation was a big flop with critics.

The movie, based on King’s beloved book series, was not received well by many top reviewers, but it managed to gross over $107 million at the global box office – far exceeding its estimated $60 million budget.

And Elba hopes that’ll be enough for movie bosses to push on with a sequel.

“It was mixed reviews, some really horrible reviews,” the actor tells BuzzFeed. “(But) I still think the movie did well in terms of box office around the world.”

Although a The Dark Tower follow-up movie or a spin-off TV series was mentioned in the past, Idris admits he’s received no confirmation of these projects happening in the future.

“We’re not further along (with the film), and I’m not sure what they’re doing with the TV idea. I believe it’s out there,” he says, adding he’d love the chance to reprise his The Dark Tower character, Gunslinger Roland Deschain.

“I still think there’s sort of room to make that character perhaps blossom even further. There’s certainly the material, it’s just about how you decipher it.”

Idris insists the negative backlash surrounding the summer film won’t sway movie executives as they decide whether or not to press on with a sequel.

“We’ve seen films that weren’t received well go on to make two and three, even four sequels, and continue to do better and better,” he tells the outlet, “so I don’t see why Dark Tower shouldn’t. The Gunslinger’s got some legs!”

The Dark Tower was released around the world in early August (17) and is still in cinemas.

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