Iggy Azalea back to ‘old self’ following return to Atlanta


Iggy Azalea is much happier now she’s left Los Angeles for Atlanta as she feels like “her old self” again.

The Fancy rapper originally lived in Atlanta in the late 2000s when she moved to the U.S. from her native Australia, before relocating to Los Angeles in 2010 to launch her rap career. At the end of November (18) Iggy returned to the Georgia city and has admitted to fans on Twitter that she made the right decision to leave California.

“I’m so so soooo happy I moved back to Atlanta I feel like my old self. It’s wierd (sic),” she tweeted on Tuesday morning (08Jan19). “I LOVE LA… but the media element of it was f**king me up so bad. I’m just now seeing how much better iam creatively when I’m not draining my energy stressing dumb s**t like papz (sic).”

At the end of November, the 28-year-old also announced she had signed a deal with record label Empire, less than a year after she left Def Jam Recordings for Island Records in February. She has suffered a number of setbacks with her music releases due to her record label disputes, and is currently working on the follow-up to her 2014 debut album The New Classic.

She also shared how impressed she was with her output so far, writing, “F**k. I’m really proud of my album. It s**ts on 95% of everything I’ve ever made & its only half done. #InMyDefense.

“I’m kinda in disbelief at how fast we’ve been making it. Me + (producer) J White = Dream Duo !”
Twitter account Pop Alarms announced that she would be completing her album this month ahead of a first single release in February and the album release in April or May. Iggy retweeted the post and clarified that the timeline hadn’t been confirmed yet but it’s “what I’m aiming for”.