Iggy Azalea Blames Photographer for Shopping Cart Ramming Incident


Iggy Azalea insists the paparazzo who she rammed with her shopping cart back in 2014 was calling her names to get a reaction out of her.

The 26-year-old rapper was caught on camera shouting at a photographer while browsing for groceries a few years ago, telling the man she hopes he catches the deadly disease Ebola and “dies”.

It wasn’t clear what triggered her outburst at the time, but now Iggy has finally opened up and revealed the lensman had followed her around the whole day provoking her before the incident happened.

“It was crazy because I was chasing him with this shopping cart, he had been following me around all day, going into every store I’d go into and when I came out, he called me a b**ch and he was really wanting a reaction,” Iggy explained on Australian radio show Smallzy’s Surgery on station Nova.

“Who is this in the fruit section, it was that crazy guy lying down on the floor in the fruit section taking pictures while I was like buying apples and oranges. I had like had enough of him, I was like I’m going to get him.”

Security ended up ejecting him from the store when the Fancy hitmaker spotted him, though that didn’t stop him from capturing her on the way to her car too. She continued lecture him, insisting that just because she’s a musician it doesn’t give him the right to sneak into a supermarket and take pictures of her.

During her interview on Thursday (13Apr17) Iggy also discussed the home she purchased from Selena Gomez, which has recently been put up for sale. One night her security alarm went off, leading the star to rush to her safe room and called police.

“I thought oh my gosh I was being robbed by somebody, I was petrified and I ran in the safe room, locked myself and rang 911,” she recalled.

“Police cars and a helicopter turned up, It turned out I forgot to close the back door and it was really windy and it had blown open and the alarm went off.”

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