In Case You’re Wondering, Anne Heche is Happy

In Case You’re Wondering, Anne Heche is Happy

Another day, another update on Anne Heche.

And the latest? Well, she is happy.


Or at least that’s what Mark Burg, producer of “John Q,” the flick the actress is currently shooting in Tonronto, said.

Anne is happy to be in Toronto and happy to be working,” Burg, who dined with Heche on Monday, told Reuters.

To beat a dead horse to the ground, Heche broke up with girlfriend Ellen Degeneres Saturday and was found in a questionable state somewhere near Fresno, Calif., later that day.

The actress was then briefly hospitalized, and was last seen at Los Angeles International Airport, en route to Toronto.

And, while rampant rumor attributed her behaviors over the weekend to drugs, Burg says differently.

“It was sunstroke, that makes you a little dizzy. No drugs,” Burg told the news agency. “She was in a convertible and ran out of gas. So she was in the sun too long. Her neck and shoulders are still badly, badly burned.”

Well, according to earlier news reports from the Fresno Bee newspaper, it was actually her SUV, not a convertible, that ran out of gas.

Whatever. So long as she’s happy.