Independent rockumentary to premiere in L.A.

Tribute, a new independent rockumentary executive produced by Steven Soderbergh (Erin Brockovich,Traffic), will premiere Nov. 3 at the AFI Film Festival in Hollywood.

Four years in the making, the film follows the stories of a handful of tribute bands as they try to live out their rock and roll dreams by recreating rock bands like KISS, Journey, Judas Priest and Queen. The self-funded film, produced and directed by Rich Fox and his wife Kris Curry, received editing help from Stephen Mirrione, Soderbergh‘s Academy Award-winning editor.

“Once a rough cut was done, Mirrione showed it to Soderbergh, who loved it and said he wanted to help us get it finished,” Fox told “Soderbergh has really been a champion of the movie, helping with finishing funds, as well as lots of advice given his years of experience in the independent film world.”

According to Fox, going to see a good tribute band can be an amazing experience that takes you back to the music you loved in your youth. Of course, seeing a bad tribute band can be more like Spinal Tap.

Tribute is a funny, disturbing and human look at rock ‘n’ roll dreamers and the fans who love them.