Inquest rules Arterton’s grandmother committed suicide

Helen Sarfas, 70, was found dead at her home in Kent, England in January (10) and initial police reports suggested the knife wounds had been self-inflicted.

Coroner Roger Sykes has now given a primary conclusion insisting it is “clear beyond any doubt” that Sarfas stabbed herself.

At the inquest Sykes said, “It is clear beyond any doubt whatsoever that the wounds were self-inflicted. Therefore it follows that my primary conclusion is that she took her own life. Relevant background issues should be factored into the conclusion. They concern both her physical and mental health. I can only reach the conclusion she took her life because the physical pain and depression became too much.”

Following the inquest, Arterton’s relatives refused to comment, saying, “It’s a private family matter.”

Shortly after the tragedy, the Quantum of Solace actress said, “My nan, God bless her soul, was quite delusional before she died.”