‘Irrelevant’ Madonna fires back at critics, urges them to stop following her

Madonna has urged her haters to stop following her on social media.
After a week of attacks suggesting the 50-year-old pop superstar is no longer relevant, Madonna is firing back.
Posting an expletive-laced Instagram video of herself – in character as her latest creation Madame X – playing around with her crew while rehearsing for her upcoming tour, Madonna posted a caption calling out her critics on Saturday (13Jul19).
“IG police other wise known as women hating Misogynistic. bigots can F**k off!!!!!” she wrote. “Your fear of what I represent is palpable and the fact that you follow me and. Take the time to make remarks is an advertisement for your stupidity – ignorance and intolerance for that which is different.
“if i am not relevant then prove it. Stop following me. Lol (laugh out loud).”