Is the Truth Outta There?

Yes, “The X-Files” will be back for another season to seek its ever-illusive truths. Fox and “X-Files” guru Chris Carter announced today that the cult sci-fi series, which focuses on earthly paranoia, otherworldly activities and everything in between, has been renewed for an eighth season.

“There are still so many more stories to tell in ‘The X-Files,'” said Carter in a statement. “And I’m pleased that the show will be returning next season to give us that opportunity.”

But don’t celebrate too fast, X-philes. While lead thespian Gillian Anderson is apparently game and ready to return, the producer still has not been able to lock in the series’ other star, the presumably embittered David Duchovny, who has been busy suing Fox (and Carter) over a syndication deal.

Fox insists that negotiations with Duchovony are ongoing. But make no mistake, the show will go on for an additional season, Duchovny or not.

Fox will unveil its entire new fall lineup on Thursday.