Isla Fisher was snubbed by Sacha Baron Cohen’s agent

Actress Isla Fisher has denied speculation her husband Sacha Baron Cohen helped her land her big break, insisting the funnyman’s agent refused to work with her at the start of her career. The Australian beauty turned to her then-boyfriend Cohen out of desperation when she was dumped by her own representative, but admits she was snubbed by her partner’s agent.
Fisher tells Britain’s Cosmopolitan magazine, “I really have had no help. In fact, the one time I did ask for help was after my agent in L.A. fired me. I was auditioning for all sorts of things but kept getting told no, so she just fired me!
“So anyway, I said to Sacha, who was my boyfriend at the time, ‘Can you ask your agent if they’ll represent me?’ And his agent said, ‘No way.’ It was the only favour I’d ever asked, and I was like, ‘OK… great.’ But it spurred me on.
“I’ve had no helping hand in Hollywood. But in general I’ve found that when it comes to getting jobs, what’s meant for you can’t pass you by.”
However, The Great Gatsby star, who married Cohen in 2010, insists she has had plenty of support from other women in Hollywood.
She adds, “Women one hundred per cent support each other in the movie industry. I auditioned for a movie recently and when I went in, the producer said he’d told one of its stars, Naomi Watts, that he was auditioning me and she’d said, ‘She’s so funny, she’s a great actress – you should hire her.’ What a lovely, kind and supportive thing to do for another woman.”