It’s A Girl for Kate Winslet

It’s A Girl for Kate Winslet

Kate Winslet has a new addition to her marriage with director Jim Threapleton. And her name is Mia.

The “Titanic” and “Holy Smoke” actress, 25, and her 26-year-old hubby welcomed their new baby girl into the world in London on Thursday.

The name was a last-minute selection.

“Kate and Jim had drawn up a list of 10 names but when the baby was born, none of them seemed right,” Winslet‘s agent, Robert Garlock, told Reuters.

“Then Mia came to them, and it just seemed right. There is no family significance. They just thought it was a really beautiful name,” Garlock added.

Winslet is taking a seven-month break to be with Mia.

The British actress next appears in the Marquis De Sade drama “Quills” with Geoffrey Rush and Joaquin Phoenix.