It’s ‘Arrested Development': On Set!

Buster Honors the Uniform
When we return for the new season of 'Arrested Development,' we'll see Tony Hale take his character Buster Bluth back into the swing of his old military days... Although it seems like the army has gotten a little lax with its uniform requirements. {Photo Credit: Gaz Shirley/Pacific Coast News}
Lindsay Makes Some New Friends
Here we see Portia de Rossi as Lindsay Fünke, apparently rallying a crowd of Mexican men in one of her misguided attempts at supporting some outlandish cause... which is usually just an attempt at getting a date, or sticking it to her family. {SDHaase/Splash News}
George Michael on the Segway
George Michael seems to be taking after his Uncle GOB... both in preferred means of transportation, and in the lustful leer he seems to be shooting that young lady. {Photo Credit: Miguel Aguilar/Sam Sharma/Pacific Coast News}
It's Air-Rested Development
Where is the Bluth family off to? This photo from the first day of shooting has the 'Arrested Development' cast high-tailing it to an airport, and crossing paths with a few 'Workaholics' stars. {Photo Credit: Twitter}
George Michael in the Model Home
There's no place like home. Even if your home is falling apart, built on a sink hole, harboring your fugitive grandfather, and funded by Saddam Hussein. Welcome back, George Michael! {Photo Credit: Twitter}
A Father/Son Walk-and-Talk
George Michael is now a college student! The youngest Bluth appears to be embracing his freedom by adopting a more "loose-fitting" (or, less "halfway through an anxiety attack") attire. Michael doesn't appear to be too pleased with his son's new leaf, however. {Photo Credit: Miguel Aguilar/Sam Sharma/Pacific Coast News}
A Jet-Setting Lindsay Fünke
Lindsay and her husband Tobias take off to India in the first scene shot for the new 'Arrested Development' season. As one might expect, Lindsay doesn't look too happy... probably because of Tobias. {Photo Credit: Eric Ford/On Location News}
Tobias Says He's Sari
Oh, Tobias... upon paying a visit to India (for some almost definitely misguided reasons), Tobias looks to have adopted the local culture... kind of... with his version of a Sari. At least he's not blue. {Photo Credit: Eric Ford/On Location News}
George Michael in Lucille's Penthouse
George Michael eagerly seeks out his missing gangee... she's not in the apartment, so odds have the clubhouse, the family's boat, or the liquor store. {Photo Credit: Twitter}
The One Son, His Narrator, and Their Creator
Jason Bateman (center) might be the face of 'Arrested Development', but the great Ron Howard (left) is the voice. And of course: the brains. Creator Mitch Hurwitz, the great man who brought the Bluth family into our lives. {Photo Credit: Twitter}