Italian Director Sergio Citti Dies

Celebrated Italian filmmaker and writer Sergio Citti has died following a
heart attack. He was 72.

The director suffered a coronary last week and didn’t recover.

Citti‘s films credits include the 1977 comedy Casottot, which starred a young
Jodie Foster, and Mortacci.

But Citti was best known for his partnership with maverick director Pier Paolo Pasolini, with whom he worked on 1961’s Accattone and Mamma Roma a year

After Pasolini‘s brutal murder on a beach 30 years ago, Citti worked
tirelessly for the investigation into his death to be resolved.

Rome’s mayor, Walter Veltroni, says, “With the death of Sergio Citti, Rome-and
not only Rome-loses one of the most sensitive representatives of its
cultural life.”

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