Jack Johnson to release pot anthem about the time he got stoned with Willie Nelson

Singer/songwriter Jack Johnson has written a new song all about high times with stoner icon Willie Nelson.
Willie Got Me Stoned recounts a night Jack lost all his money to the country legend during a game of poker following a festival in Colorado.
“We were hanging out with Willie Nelson and it was a real honour, and we got to go back to his house and hang out. And this is a true story about that night,” Johnson explains at the beginning of the new tune.
“I was $50 up and then my mind went funny/It really didn’t help that I didn’t know the rules of the game/It probably didn’t help that I couldn’t remember my name/After Willie got my stoned,” he sings.
The night at Willie’s “took away our minds” as well as “our pride”, he adds, recalling he had to walk home because he didn’t have the money for a taxi cab.
“Some of the most memorable experiences of my life have been at Farm Aid or other events with Willie Nelson,” Johnson tells Rolling Stone. “Willie Got Me Stoned is a true story about one of those nights.”
The track will be released on 20 April (18), the annual unofficial pot lover’s holiday – 4/20 has become a code term in cannabis culture, linked to the time of day stoners like to get high (4.20pm).