Jacko’s First Single Released

Epic Records released the first single from Michael Jackson‘s latest album Invincible Friday, to radio stations worldwide, Reuters reports.

The Sony-owned label unexpectedly distributed “You Rock My World” exclusively to radio stations via satellite at 6 a.m. after the song was leaked by two New York City stations who played the song every two hours last Saturday. WJTM-FM and WKTU-FM played the tune until Epic Records called and asked them to remove the song from rotation.

“You Rock My World,” which is described as an upbeat pop tune, features an intro with comedian Chris Tucker (Rush Hour, Rush Hour 2). The song was co-produced by songwriter-producer Rodney Jerkins, who has also produced hits for Britney Spears and Whitney Houston.

“It makes you want to dance,” Jerkins told Reuters. “It’s a feel good song.”

Jerkins added that while the song was an ode to love, it was not written with anybody in mind.

Epic Records will be make “You Rock My World” available online at Michael Jackson‘s official Web site starting today at 2:45 p.m. ET.

Most of the songs from the album were produced at the studio where the Jackson 5 once recorded and was once the personal studio of Marvin Gaye. At a cost of $30 million, the album is one of the most expensive ones ever recorded.

Invincible, Jackson‘s first studio album since the release of Dangerous in 1991, is scheduled for release overseas Oct. 29 and in North America on Oct. 30.