James Bond Gets Steamy Love Scene

Director Lee Tamahori says the next James Bond movie, Die Another Day, will include a steamy love scene. Whether audiences will ever get to see it, however, is another story.

According to Ananova.com, Tamahori–who helmed last year’s Along Came a Spider–tells Vanity Fair magazine it will be up to the censors to decide what ends up on the cutting room floor.

“In lovemaking, Bond’s PG requirements have traditionally meant you can only show post-coital sex,” he told the magazine.

“You know, clothes strewn around the room, the camera slowly pans over to the bed….But we thought, why couldn’t Bond have the best lay of his life? So we shot a very hot love scene. Whether it survives the censor’s cut, or the producer’s, we’ll see.”

Die Another Day, the 20th James Bond installment, stars Pierce Brosnan as 007 and Halle Berry as a U.S. secret agent named Jinx.

This time, Bond’s adversary, a North Korean named Zao (played by Rick Yune), uses a device that can dramatically alter a person’s features to further his diabolical plans.

The film opens in the United States Nov. 22.