James Cameron moves a step closer to New Zealand residency

Hollywood director James Cameron has moved a step closer to becoming a permanent fixture in New Zealand following a ruling which has paved the way for his residency application. The Titanic director has moved his family Down Under from the U.S. and last year (12), he began the lengthy process of becoming an official resident.
He filed a residency application with the New Zealand Overseas Investment Office (OIO) as part of a three-year process which requires a local investment of around $8 million (£5.3 million).
Cameron previously purchased a farm in the country and a number of other properties, and now officials have approved his plans to buy up 420 hectares of land in Wairarapa, north-east of the capital city of Wellington.
The director, his wife Suzy Amis and their three children will now be eligible to apply for permanent residency at the end of the designated three-year period, and they will also have to stay in the country for 88 days over the final 24 months, according to Stuff.co.nz.