James Cameron taking 3D filmmaking technology to China

Cameron’s 3D sci-fi epic became the highest-grossing film in Hollywood history in 2009, taking more than $2.7 billion worldwide.

He has been busy working on a second Avatar film, which will be set underwater and released in 2015, and now Cameron is set to share his knowledge with others after launching a new branch of his company, Cameron Pace Group, titled CPG China Division.

Cameron, who recently gave his hit movie Titanic a 3D makeover too, tells Reuters, “We’re not going to tell Chinese film makers how to make movies. We are going to help them make a transition to 3D production technology as cost effectively as possible, and in a way that doesn’t inhibit creativity.”

The new venture is an investment deal with state-owned film distributor Tianjin North Film Group and Tianjin Hi-tech Holding Group.