James Dean helped Shawn Mendes get over photoshoot nerves

James Dean helped Shawn Mendes get over photoshoot nerves


Shawn Mendes got over his early photoshoot nerves by trying to channel James Dean.

The Canadian popstar first broke into the charts in 2015, after gaining a dedicated online following from the cover songs he posted on video sharing site Vine.

In the years since Shawn has become a global star, but he still remembers how nervous he used to be posing for cameras.

When asked by GQ who his style icon was, the 20-year-old was quick to answer: “James Dean, although everyone probably says that.

“Honestly though, when I started doing shoots I was so uncomfortable and felt really nervous and the only way that I could get through them was to really try to mimic and channel him. He just naturally kind of became someone I really looked up to I guess. I mean that’s what I’m also trying with my hair.

Saying that though, he has great hair, but actually my dad has the best hair in the world. It’s really cool so I stole his look.”

As well as his music, the In My Blood singer has also been tapped to front the new watch campaign for Emporio Armani’s Connected timepiece – proving he’s well and truly left his photoshoot nerves behind.

Revealing 84-year-old designer Giorgio Armani is hands on with all aspects of his namesake label, Shawn said “it’s awesome” to be a part of the brand.

“It has a real family vibe, because Mr Armani is fully in control of everything, like the first thing I did with him he was there in person fixing the clothing, making sure everything was looking good,” he said. “It makes everyone in the company understand how important everything is, so it’s been really cool.”