James Gandolfini’s college pal stunned by will generosity

James Gandolfini’s college friend was stunned to learn his late pal had left him $50,000 (£32,258) in his will to help him take care of his autistic son. The Sopranos star, who suffered a fatal heart attack in Rome, Italy last month (Jun13), bequeathed the bulk of his estimated $70 million (£45.1 million) fortune to his 13-year-old boy Michael, but he made sure his circle of close friends were also well looked after – and Doug Katz is in awe of the actor’s generosity.
Katz was notified of the gift by Gandolfini’s widow, Deborah Lin, and he plans to put the money in a trust fund for his 12-year-old son Andrew, who suffers from the developmental disorder.
He tells the New York Post, “I was shocked. He’s my son’s guardian angel.”
Katz, who was the star’s roommate during their time at Rutgers University in New Jersey, reveals Gandolfini was always looking out for Andrew.
Katz says, “He got him nutritional supplements, anything Andrew needed to help him lead a better life. Jim sponsored gymnastics for my son. He always said, ‘How can we help? How can we make it better?’ And none of it was lip service.
“I’d rather have Jim alive than his money. You could never meet a nicer guy in the world.”