James Holmes charged with first-degree murder

Alleged Colorado cinema massacre gunman James Holmes has been charged with 142 counts, including first-degree murder.

The San Diego, California native is accused of killing 12 film fans and injuring 58 others during a deadly shoot-out in an Aurora cinema earlier this month (Jul12).

The charges against Holmes, which were handed out during a 45 minute hearing on Monday (30Jul12), include 24 counts of murder in the first degree and 116 counts of attempted murder.

In Colorado, there are two types of first-degree murder and both apply to each of his victims in the tragedy.

Holmes allegedly stormed into the packed cinema as film fans settled down to watch a midnight screening of new Batman film The Dark Knight Rises.

Holmes, who seemed more lucid in court than he did when he first appeared a week ago (23Jul12), spoke for the first time when he agreed that his attorneys should be granted more time to make their case.