James McAvoy sat through hours of hair styling for X-Men role

Actor James Mcavoy had to sit through hours of hair styling after shaving his head for his role in the X-Men films. The Wanted star, who plays a younger version of Patrick Stewart’s character Professor X, cut his hair before he began shooting X-Men: First Class three years ago, because he felt he would more resemble bald Stewart, but when he showed up to the set, the filmmakers were not happy with his decision.
He tells U.S. breakfast show Good Morning America, “I had shaved my head thinking, ‘I wanted to check what it looks like a month before we started shooting,’ and was happy with it and then got there and they said, ‘No, we want to you have long hair…’
“I spent 15 hours getting hair extensions and then for this movie, (X-Men: Days of Future Past), I spent 18 hours… having hair extensions put in. I’m over hair extensions.”