Jamie Foxx Relieved to Leave Racist South

Oscar-winner Jamie Foxx is relieved to be living in multi-cultural Los Angeles,
after growing up surrounded by racist bullies in Texas.

The Ray star claims racism is prevalent in the southern states and
believes nothing has changed since his teenage years in the 1980s.

Foxx tells Playboy magazine, “There are certain aspects of racism that I
couldn’t deal with then and I don’t have to now.

“Like going to the other side of the tracks and getting called a n**ger every
day. ‘Hey, n**ger, get out of here. Get out of here, you little monkey, you
little n**ger’. To have my friends get death threats and things like that
because we were popular in school. I’m not the type to forgive that.

“It’s the same [now]. You’re dealing with the South, and it’s hard to change

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