Jamie-Lynn Sigler Gives Birth to Baby Boy


Actress Jamie-Lynn Sigler has welcomed her second child.

The Sopranos star introduced fans to her son, Jack Adam Dykstra, in a post on Instagram on Tuesday (16Jan18).

“He’s here,” she captioned a series of photos, including one of mother and baby, and two others of her eldest son Beau holding his new sibling, and suggesting the newborn had arrived days after his due date, Jamie-Lynn continued, “Jack Adam Dykstra we will talk about your tardiness eventually, but for now we’ve got a lot of love to give.”

“Thanks to my besties for helping me laugh and smile and to my husband for just being my rock,” she added.

Little Jack’s middle name appears to be a nod to Jamie-Lynn’s big brother Adam, who died unexpectedly in 2014 after suffering a brain hemorrhage.

The actress, who wed baseball player Cutter Dykstra in January, 2016, announced her second pregnancy in July (17), revealing she broke the news she was expecting to her husband on Mother’s Day (14May17).

Under a photo of herself lying next to five positive pregnancy tests, she wrote: “This is the actual pic I sent my husband this past Mother’s Day while lying on the bathroom floor. I had just returned from Israel, was jet lagged, and didn’t believe my eyes. So had to obviously be @Clearblue (pregnancy test brand) 5x over sure.

“We are SO excited to announce the #ClearblueConfirmed arrival of another little one in just a few short months.”

Sigler subsequently expressed her fears that her multiple sclerosis battle would make it tough for her to get pregnant again, but discovered she was expecting a month after she and Cutter began trying for another baby.

“In the back of my mind, I was worried about if my medical problems would interfere with getting pregnant,” she told Us Weekly. “I took one of the Clearblue Digital Pregnancy Tests, went to get my son dressed and came back,” she recalls. “When I peeked at it and I saw the word ‘pregnant’, I screamed!

My husband wasn’t with me, so I took five more, because I knew he would want the proof.”