Jana Kramer revisited infidelity heartache for new song

Singer/actress Jana Kramer is laying bare her feelings about her husband’s past infidelity for her new single.
The former One Tree Hill star split from Mike Caussin in 2016 after discovering he had been unfaithful, and the cheating scandal almost wrecked their one-year marriage.
However, Jana gave him a second chance and they reconciled by renewing their wedding vows at the end of 2017, before welcoming their second child, a son named Jace, in November (18).
The couple is now doing better than ever, but Jana decided she needed to delve back into their painful past for Beautiful Lies, her first single in a year, to express her emotions during the tough time.
“I just remember sitting in the studio and being like, ‘I want to try to explain the best way that I can how I felt in this moment when I found out about everything,'” she recalls to People.com. “This song is exactly what happened with the break, and for my husband and I. In that moment where I found out about everything, I felt like the whole world was just spinning – like everything was just flipped upside down and it was this awful nightmare.”
“In that moment, I didn’t want to believe that it was true and so instead I wished I would’ve been told some beautiful lies to cover up what was going on,” she shares, reflecting on the track’s title. “With the songs I’m going to release later this year, I want to tell the story from the break to healing.”
Beautiful Lies is expected to feature on Jana’s upcoming album, the follow-up to 2015’s Thirty One, and she is proud to chronicle the couple’s journey to happiness again in her new material.
“I can look back now and (to) know how far we’ve come is amazing,” she says. “To be able to release these songs this year and to show the growth is the cherry on top. It just fills my heart knowing how hard we’ve worked and how far we’ve come.”