Jane Fonda Broke Her Toe Walking the Dog


Jane Fonda is taking it easy on the set of Grace And Frankie after injuring one of her toes.

The veteran Hollywood actress is still as dynamic as ever, and is currently in the midst of shooting the fourth season of the Netflix show, which also stars Lily Tomlin.

Although Jane broke one of her toes on Monday night (01May17), she’s been able to cover up the injury while shooting because her character Grace is also meant to be suffering with leg pain.

“I was taking my dog out to pee-pee and I bumped into something,” Jane said of breaking her toe during an appearance on The Late Late Show with James Corden on Wednesday.

The 79-year-old star added that while the situation was quite unusual, it actually worked out fine.

“The weird thing is, and this is true, we’re shooting the fourth season of Grace and Frankie and in the series, Grace needs a knee replacement, so she’s limping a lot, and I have to go around the hardware store on one of those motorized scooters, so it worked out great,” she smiled. “Art imitating life.”

However, Jane’s co-star Lily was less convinced by her pal’s injury.

“Frankly, I’m waiting for the X-rays,” she deadpanned, adding, “I think Netflix is giving her extra money to come to work. I will figure it out, (even) if it takes me to season five.”

Meanwhile, fellow talk show guest Taylor Schilling revealed she had also recently hurt herself while filming. The Orange Is the New Black actress shared that she was doing some karate moves for an upcoming project when she kicked her leg and fell backwards.

“I fell, because I don’t do karate,” she laughed. “It was so dramatic, it hurt so much. They picked me up and took me out and I was crying.”

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