Jane Lynch is a secret coffee shop makeover expert

Glee star Jane Lynch loves to spend her downtime observing people and imagining makeovers in coffee shops.
The busy actress reveals she dashes off to street cafes whenever she has a day off and plays pretend with her caffeinated chums.
“I have my Earpods in and I listen to podcasts and I people watch,” she tells Access Live. “I give people makeovers in my head… I give them better haircuts, I put them in better outfits.
“They always end up with my haircut, my glasses and my outfit… Male or female, I give them my look. I must like my look!”
She also likes to imagine the story behind each customer and their relationships.
“They’re divorced and they’re talking about child custody type stuff,” she smiles. “And then of course it turns out that she’s the trainer and he’s having a cup of coffee after working out. I’m always so certain about the relationships.”